DreamscapeFlowerFantasy "Caroline" Jigsaw Puzzle

Flower Fantasy Puzzle CarolineTexas Garden Fantasy™ Jigsaw Puzzle "Caroline" has come to Dreamscape Farms flower garden to meet with Jennie. 

While visiting the enchanted flower garden, they will wonder what path will lead them to find their true love.

We imagine Caroline enjoying
the flowers' sweet fragrance, and the brightly colored wild birds while visiting with her friends in the enchanted Dreamscape Farms flower garden.

Lorraine is already growing flowers to fulfill your porch and entryway landscaping dreams.  "We're lovingly caring for young and just sprouted flower varieties in our greenhouse to start hanging baskets and containers for you", says Lorraine.

Will Jennie and Caroline discover a path to true love? Come sit in the garden with us, and find out.

Enjoy our free online jigsaw puzzle gardens while you imagine the flowers Lorraine is already growing for your 2024 flower garden dreams.

289pieceFlower Fantasy Caroline

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