Introducing Our Family's Loyal Companions: German Shepherds!

German Shepherd resting in the HostasHere at™, German Shepherds aren't just pets, they're cherished members of the family. We take pride in carefully selecting our dogs for their:

  • Intelligence: Their sharp minds make them highly trainable.
  • Dependable Temperament: They excel as loving family companions.
  • Friendly Demeanor: They're always first to greet visitors with wagging tails!

A Legacy of Excellence:

6 Ajax German ShepherdThe German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian, has a long history of being bred for exceptional qualities. We strive to uphold these high standards, ensuring our dogs possess the temperament and trainability ideal for family life, working roles, or future breeding.

Puppies on the Horizon?

We only breed occasionally, and currently awaiting that perfect timing from Mother Nature. In the meantime, our hearts are full with the joy our beloved German Shepherds bring. Whether it's lounging by our side in the garden or playing fetch with the grandkids, their presence enriches our lives.

Meet the Pack:

  • Head Male: Ajax
  • Female: Kaleesi 
  • Junior Females: Luna, Reine™ Design and™ Community
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