Our wonderful German Shepherds

Meet Our German Shepherds

Our dogs are an important part of our family and they're beloved by our children and grandchildren.

We carefully choose our German Shepherds for their intelligence and dependable temperament to be excellent family companions. They're always first to meet and greet every delivery driver, our neighbors, and every visitor.

Since the Alsation or German Shepherd breed was developed, their temperament and trainability have been at the forefront of selection criteria as family companions, working dogs, or breeding stock. We continue to aspire to the high standards of the breed.

We will only have puppies very rarely. We're hoping mother nature eventually cooperates. Until then, we love having our wonderful German Shepherds around the house, beside us in the garden, and playing "get the ball" with our grandkids.

Head Male;  Ajax
Age; Color; Height;
Female; Kaleesi
Age; Color: Height;
Junior female;  Luna
Age; Color; Height;


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Today: 2
This Week: 15
This Month: 30