Dreamscape Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles

Texas Garden Fantasy™ "Jennie"
lives among beautiful flowers blooming in her carefully tended Texas garden.  

Friends love to gather in the garden with Jennie to discuss what's most important; their romantic prospects! A garden is a lovely place to explore and nurture our dreams. 

Auburn-haired Jennie enjoys sharing her garden with her guests, and the bees, birds, and butterflies as they drift through the fragrant blooms of her enchanting flowers.

Lorraine is growing flowers
 to fulfill your porch and entryway landscaping dreams.  "We're lovingly caring for young and sprouting flower varieties in the greenhouse for our Valentine's and Mother's Day hanging baskets and containers", says Lorraine.

Enjoy our free online jigsaw puzzle gardens while you imagine the flowers Lorraine is already growing for your 2023 garden dreams.

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