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Custom Flower Gardens

MADISONVILLE TX - We'll see you at the Bedias or Madisonville Farmer's Markets in 2023.

We create amazing blooming wedding backdrops! Let's dream up a romantic living garden scene for your wedding or anniversary event photography.


Custom container-grown flowers and efficient green vegetable gardens save you time and energy. We help you select colorful container flower and vegetable gardens to dress up your landscaping while supporting visiting Texas hummingbirds.

We can create custom-grown perennial and annual compliments for photo events, and flowering photography backdrops for wedding or graduation pictures. Our do-it-yourself year-round blooms are created with the hot Texas summer in mind, and we'll help you grow a green garden all your neighbors will talk about!

We love helping you bring your home's garden soil alive overnight! Our colorful container gardens are famous for their productivity. Choose a pair of specially selected raised bed flowering blooms, salad greens, and vegetables as a wonderful and colorful gift. 

We create DIY raised-bed gardens to provide food for you, plus attract and feed pollinators and attract hummingbirds. Central Texas is a great place for gardening! We can help you support our butterflies, wild bees, and hummingbirds with a thoughtfully planned green and flowering garden with native butterflies, honeybees, and hummingbirds in mind.

You are invited to chat with us and learn about our container gardens for growing flower arrangements for your home, business, weddings, and photography events, by appointment. We can help you grow great vegetables and colorful flower gardens. Contact me, Lorraine Smith, anytime at the link above.

Some of what's growing now for the 2023 season;
*Compact Delphiniums
*Dames Rocket Tall
*Sweet Peas
*Wave Petunias - several colors

We enjoy showing you how to feed and grow your flowers to attain their optimum height and production.


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