New Beginnings in Texas

Starting Over: A New Beginning in Texas

Welcome to the start of something I've been meaning to kick off for quite some time. Tonight was both simple and meaningful. Our little group, Family Home Evening, gathers to share potluck dinners and conversations on brotherhood, Jesus Christ's ministry, and ways to serve. You might even find a similar group near you! We all bring something to the table – music, cooking, or even sharing plants from the Farmers' Market. 

The men in our group are resourceful, kind, and gentlemanly. Tonight, I was running late and faced the challenge of navigating dark, pothole-ridden dirt roads. As a determined 70-year-old farmer, I pressed on and arrived to find myself stuck in a slick sand pit. But I knew my friends would have my back. 

As the evening wrapped up, kind Mr. C tried to get my truck out with 4-wheel drive, but to no avail. The grass was too slick. Poor Mr. and Mrs. G watched as my truck dug deeper into their lawn. Eventually, with teamwork, a come-along, and Mr. G's pickup, we managed to free my truck. All done without a single harsh word. It reminded me of the lesson from an Apostle of the Lord we discussed earlier - the spirit teaches in thoughtful ways we can understand. Now that's teamwork! 

3 Lorraine PNW gardenTeamwork has become a central theme in my life. I walk with a cane, and my steps are unsteady, painful, and slow. I'm grateful for all my helpers, both those who cheer me on and those who carry heavy loads. The list of names would stretch back a decade, but I'll begin with photos of my home in the Pacific Northwest, where I lived and gardened my whole life. 

I never considered leaving until my family decided that Texas was the place to be. Even my dear friend, artist Stacey Mayer, moved to Bryan – I never thought I'd see her again! Yet, a year later, I found myself in Texas too, and now we see each other more often than before. It wasn't planned, but perhaps it's God's way of saying, "You are a team" – better together!


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