Overwintering hanging baskets

Saving Your Hanging Baskets

Will my hanging baskets survive frost? What can I do to save my hanging baskets?

Yes! If you take steps to protect them. When freezing or near-freezing temperatures are forecasted, it's time to bring in your hanging baskets early.

If your hanging baskets are left to freeze, the plants will be damaged or killed. For plants, the danger zone is 40 and below, so it's best to bring them in before the frost arrives. 

Protect your hanging baskets and containers by placing them in a sheltered place as soon as you know severe weather is in the forecast. Central Texas weather changes quickly, so try and move them before the sun sets. You can also protect above-ground containers by leaning them onto a dolly, and rolling them into a garage or shop.

Can my hanging baskets be kept inside through the winter?

Yes! Hanging baskets will be better off when brought inside during winter cold periods. If you expect the weather to dip below 40, bring them inside before the sun goes down. A laundry room, bathroom, or enclosed porch should be considered to keep them away from damaging cold temperatures.

Do my hanging baskets need to be watered in the winter?

Yes! Freezing temperatures rob the air of moisture and will dry out your plants quickly. Check the dampness of the soil to prevent them from drying out when the temperatures plummet. Groom your plants to remove any old leaves or dead blooms, and refrain from fertilizing while they're overwintering.

Let them dry out between waterings, and make sure the drainage holes are working to keep the roots from rotting. Keep your hanging baskets away from cold drafts, and keep the leaves from drying out and receiving frost damage.

Central Texas usually experiences only occasional temperatures below freezing, but one night's hard frost can do a lot of damage. If you protect container-grown and hanging basket plants during frosty weather, you'll be rewarded by watching them grow and bloom again in the spring.


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