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Follow our Texas adventure as we grow tough container-grown flower and vegetable gardens.

Overwintering Hanging Baskets

Saving Your Hanging Baskets

Will my hanging baskets survive frost? What can I do to save my hanging baskets?

Yes! If you take steps to protect them. When freezing or near-freezing temperatures are forecasted, it's time to bring in your hanging baskets early.

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Create with Cannas

Canna Lilies; Where'd the Tropicanas Go?

The beautiful canna lily is a garden favorite all over Central Texas, yet I haven't spotted the Tropicana variety anywhere around Madisonville.

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Dreamscape Custom Gardens

Custom Flower Gardens

MADISONVILLE TX - We'll see you at the Bedias or Madisonville Farmer's Markets in 2023.

We create amazing blooming wedding backdrops! Let's dream up a romantic living garden scene for your wedding or anniversary event photography.

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