Experience the Splendor of Tall Bearded Irises in Your Own Backyard

2kids under irisOh, the captivating beauty of these flowers! When I capture close-up photos of their intricate interiors, they transport me to a cathedral adorned with vibrant stained glass windows.

With just five stunning blooms, you can create a breathtaking wedding arrangement by simply adding ferns or baby's breath. The colors are truly mesmerizing - from afar they appear solid, but up close they dazzle like snow diamonds. 

Famed for their countless colors and varieties, they're also one of the easiest flowers to care for, and they're easily multiplied!

One of the most amazing aspects of Irises is their effortless multiplication. You'll soon have plenty to share with friends and family, adding to your ever-growing collection among thousands of varieties (over 60k at last count). 
2kids under irisMauve Irises2Yellow irises 2017 iris
There's a whole community of Iris enthusiasts, with awards given out yearly in competitions and breathtaking gardens dedicated to these divine flowers. Fancy traveling to visit these floral wonders? But be warned - you might just become an Iris addict! 

Iris named "bowled Over"I once had a collection of 100 varieties, but when we moved out of WA state, I had to find new homes for them. People came from all around, even Canada, to collect boxes and bags full of these precious plants. It was bittersweet, but I knew they were going to good homes. In a last-minute decision, I managed to save a handful in a plastic grocery bag. They traveled with us from September to November and were finally planted in a less-than-ideal swampy, shady spot in December in Texas.

Despite the rain and frost, they persevered and grew, allowing me to transplant them to a sunnier, raised bed at summer's end. I'm still unsure of their exact varieties, but I'm hopeful some might bloom this spring. Once March arrives and I fertilize the bed, I anticipate they'll flourish alongside Russian Sage and Gaillardia. Here's to hoping some of my all-time favorites make a surprise appearance in my garden!

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