Snohomish County to Small-Town Texas: Putting Down New Roots!

Following our Grandchildren to Texas

We built a wonderful life in Snohomish County, Washington, raising our family and being part of the community. But sometimes, life takes you on new adventures! One of my sons moved his family to Texas, and we followed them to stay close to our three grandchildren. After moving to Texas, we were blessed to find amazing friends at our local church and the Bedais and Madisonville Farmer's Markets.

Growing Madison County Flowers

Texans are the friendliest people, and they made our move so much smoother. With the support of our Texas family and the warmth of our new friends, every day in Texas feels like an exciting adventure!

Our Calendar of Events

We'll bring our flowers and German Shepherds to dog-friendly events in Madisonville. Look for our Haflinger mare, Gittle, at the Annual Parade of Breeds at the Brazos Expo!™ Design and™ Community
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