Unleash Your Dream Garden with Custom Containers from Dreamscape Farms

hanging baskets72Dreaming of a vibrant garden but short on time or space? Dreamscape Farms, located in Bryan, Texas, offers stunning custom container gardens that are perfect for your home's front porch or your business entryway. We specialize in creating easy gardening success for you to create a memorable blooming welcome for all of your family and guests.

With three successful seasons of growing flowers and select begetables for our neighbors in Brazos, Grimes, and Madison Counties, we're tuned-in to your preference for growing Texas tough flowers and plants. Luckily, there are plenty of flowers, herbs, and vegetables that thrive in the warmth and sunshine of Central Texas.

We look forward to seeing you soon in the Bedias or Madisonville local farmer's markets. Check our posted shedules on Facebook!


Transform Your Texas Landscape:

Madisonville Front Front Porch View

  • Effortless Beauty: Our custom-designed containers add color and life to your porch, patio, or pool deck.
  • Enchanting Events: Create a captivating backdrop for weddings, anniversaries, or photo shoots with our flowering container displays.
  • Year-Round Blooms: Our selection of perennials and annuals is designed to thrive in the hot Texas climate, ensuring a beautiful garden all year long.

Benefits Beyond Beauty:

Texas Golden butterfly

  • Garden-Fresh Goodness: Grow your own vegetables and herbs with our custom container vegetable gardens.
  • Pollinator Paradise: Attract local butterflies, hummingbirds, and wild bees with a thoughtfully planned container garden.
  • The Perfect Gift: Give the gift of a vibrant container garden – a delightful and unique present for any occasion.

Ready to Get Started?

Let DreamscapeFarms.com™ help you design your dream garden. Please schedule an appointment today to discuss your vision and explore our wide variety of container options. We look forward to helping you cultivate a thriving garden that will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Lorraine Smith Dreamscape Farms


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